Scottish and other provincial silver spoons and other fine gifts including Concorde Keyrings, Scottish Spurtles & Stockton and Darlington Railway Sheffield made pocket knives are not mass produced pieces they are intended to be items some of unique significance. Epoch gifts have been made by craftsmen and feature items like provincial Scottish silver spoons and other solid silver spoons, silver picture frames and even period pieces which will bring a piece of classic quality to your everyday life.

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Some of the photo frames have been used and some simply stored as gifts since they were bought. Some of the older frames display considerable craftsmanship in their creation and are made in various styles such as art nouveau and art deco. Even the elaborate picture frames can be cheaper than new plain silver frames made today. is about items which have a meaning and relevance in some particular periods in our history or lives . They are not a thrown together collection of shiny nice mass produced items they are made with materials which of themselves are worthwhile and have where we can find them craftsmen who can handle some of these historic pieces.

Tornado penholder 6 small

Some of these items are unique to us and above is the drive shaft of a Rolls Royce engined Tornado turned into a pen holder. This is a mission flown Tornado with the unique scars from a superbly engineered piece of metal. It comes complete with a pen which nicely fits into the shaft.

Carrs art Nouveau picture frame

Sheffield made silver photo frame. Condition as new. Size roughly 6.25 inches x 5.25 inches with a photo area of roughly 3.75x 3.75. Hallmarks for Sheffield and RC for Carr. Very nice art nouveau quality item. Must be unused with sticker still on the front of the glass. Ref. Carr 7. Price 95

For all our individual items which do not have ‘buy it’ buttons email us at and we will send you an invoice. All our prices include UK postage.

carrs photframe 16 rear
carrs photoframe 16 front

Carrs hallmarked sterling silver photosize 5 inch x 3 1/2. Virtually as new. Hammered silver. Ref. Carrs 16. Price 98

Turner & Simpson silver

See some of our fine wine related accessories by clicking on the wine decanter label above.

Carrs photframe new
Carrs photoframe boxed

Carrs photo frame. Handmade in Sheffield. Sterling silver hallmarked. Complete as new in it’s original box. Picture size 5 x 3.5 inches. Patterned frame as shown. The mark on the nearest picture is a shadow. All the marks on our photos are camera reflections unless stated. Ref. Carrs 21. Price 93 inclusive of UK postage.


Epoch - A particular period of time in history or of a persons life. Commemorate that with one of our picture frames

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The Admirals Knife 1
3 blade pocket knife 300

This Sheffield made pocket knife has been made using grips crafted out of wood from the keel of the Trincomalee one of Nelson’s frigates. it’s a difficult job making a pocket knife out of timber which is hundreds of years old and is a tribute to one of the remaining Master Cutlers of Sheffield of which is a fast disappearing art. The one thing you can be sure of this piece made from the keel of Britain's oldest floating warship which is probably also Europe's is a pretty special Sheffield pocket knife.


We spend a lot of time looking for quality material and items and these photo frames match our standards. This photo frame has a polished wooden back and can be displayed either portrait or landscape It’s hallmarked silver and will display a 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch photo or even a work of art drawn by your child. It’s new made by a quality silversmith. The price includes postage within the UK. Hallmark Leopards Head London Assay Office, PVF makers mark and silver purity mark. Inclusive of UK postage but not boxed. Ref. PVF 11. Price 55

black 2 this one1 150

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Sheffield history fire 1 jpeg

You can see a fine array of Sheffield made pocket knives created by some of the last highly skilled cutlers in Sheffield by clicking on the above logo.

fine silver 300

Look at our pages featuring fine silver including Scottish provincial silver spoons and other silver made by silversmiths the length and breadth of Britain.

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